Duane Martin Announces Engagement to Actress Ashley Marie Jones in Heartwarming Instagram Post

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Actor Duane Martin took to Instagram to share his joyous news of getting engaged to actress and model Ashley Marie Jones over the weekend.

With a heartfelt post and a charming video montage capturing the romantic proposal moment, Martin expressed his gratitude for finding love again. Jones reciprocated the sentiment, sharing her excitement and gratitude for their high-frequency connection. The engagement marks a new chapter for Martin, who was previously married to Tisha Campbell for nearly 30 years before their divorce in 2020. 

Duane Martin, the accomplished actor known for his roles in film and television, delighted fans with news of his engagement to actress and model Ashley Marie Jones, shared via an emotional Instagram post over the weekend. The heartwarming announcement captured the essence of their love story, as Martin expressed his joy and gratitude for finding companionship once again.

In a touching post accompanied by a captivating video montage, Martin revealed the magical moment when he popped the question to Jones, capturing her heartfelt "Yes" and the joyous embrace that followed. The post exuded warmth and sincerity, with Martin describing Jones as a rare gem and a heart opener, emphasizing the depth of their connection.

The video montage, showcasing Jones in various moments of joy and beauty, painted a vivid picture of their shared journey leading up to the proposal. From blissful days at the beach to glamorous modeling shoots, the montage captured the essence of their love story in every frame.

In a subsequent post, Martin shared his gratitude for the outpouring of love and support from fans, acknowledging the positive energy that fueled their relationship. Jones echoed the sentiment, reposting the video to her account and expressing her surreal delight at becoming Martin's fiancée.

For Jones, the engagement holds special significance, as it coincided with her birthday, marking a serendipitous and joyous celebration of love. She shared her excitement and admiration for Martin, emphasizing the depth of their connection and the abundance of laughter they share.

The engagement announcement marks a new chapter for Martin, who was previously married to Tisha Campbell for nearly three decades before their divorce in 2020. With two sons from his previous marriage, Martin embarks on a new journey of love and companionship with Jones, celebrating the beauty of finding love anew and embracing the promise of a shared future filled with laughter and high-frequency connection.