‘Get a white wife’: Nota praises Benni McCarthy’s spouse for success

‘Get a white wife’: Nota praises Benni McCarthy’s spouse for success

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As Manchester United’s first team coach, Nota Baloyi is giving praise to Benni McCarthy’s wife Stacey.

Benni McCarrthy became Manchester United’s first team coach and Nota Baloyi has taken it a step further by claiming that the soccer star’s “white wife” is the credit for his successful career. In a series of tweets, Nota Baloyi claimed Benni McCarthy’s success was hinged on him choosing a white woman as a life partner.


He tweeted: “If he married a black woman he wouldn’t have got this far in life. A black woman doesn’t want a successful black husband because she thinks all black men are fools willing to abandon their family for tight p*ssy… Black women are so busy being victims they’re a burden to society!” “My younger black brother do yourselves a favour get yourselves some white women to date or marry… The black girls your age spread HIV/AIDS. The best way to teach them a lesson is to show them that white women give us what we deserve. Unconditional love respect. Trust me!”


Nota Baloyi went on to tweet pics of Springboks captain Siya Kolisi and his white wife Rachel Kolisi. He also hinted that TV presenter Katlego Maboe was an example of his stance. He continued: “If Katlego Maboe married a white woman [like Benni McCarthy], he would’ve never lost his job for cheating he wouldn’t have been humiliated the way he was on the video that was posted!”