Bheki Cele says 19-year-old was ‘lucky to be raped’ by only one man

Bheki Cele says 19-year-old was ‘lucky to be raped’ by only one man

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Bheki Cele, Minister of Police, stated that he believes the 19-year-old victim in the tragic Krugersdrop mass rape was lucky to be raped by only one man.

He was quoted in an interview with eNCA. Though his sentiment was that she was not raped by multiple men like the other victims, his choice of language has outraged many in the population. “One woman was raped ten times, not ten times but by ten different men. The other one by eight, the other by six, the other one by four, three. The one 19-year-old was lucky, if it is lucky, to be raped by one man.” He spoke referring to the devastating events in Krugersdorp. A film crew was shooting in an abandoned mine dump when their film site was intruded and robbed.


Eight women were raped by multiple men in the ordeal. It is an event that has shocked the nation, particularly due to its proximity to August as Women’s Month. It also highlights the severity of gender-based violence within South Africa. Thus far, EWN reports that 82 people have been arrested with a trial scheduled to begin on Monday. “What happened in Krugersdorp is just the shame of the nation.” Cele said in a recent press interview, quoted from TimesLive.